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Professional Weed Control Services

American Roadway Weed Control, Inc. specializes in providing weed control service for a variety of clients located throughout Utah

Our clients include asphalt and paving companies, municipal governments, homeowner’s associations, property managers, homeowners commercial property owners.

We also provide weed control eradication for cracks in the asphalt prior to the slurry seal process or as periodic maintenance to enhance the visual appearance of our streets and sidewalks.

Weed overgrowth destroys surrounding asphalt and concrete, increases the fire dangers in a community and often presents safety hazards to residents.

We’ve proudly served thousands of clients since 1967.

Why Our Customers Choose Us

We have a fully dedicated professional team

We have 10 years of experience with guarantee

We have the latest tools & technology for our work

Free consultation for you before starting work

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